An online store of children’s books in Ukrainian language in Germany. On the website, more than 500 books from Ukrainian authors and publishers are available.

The challenge

WebMate Digital was given the task of rapidly creating an online bookstore for Ukrainians living in Germany, featuring the following options:

  • the ability to make online payments using a Ukrainian payment service;
  • adding a large number of products to the site in an attractive presentation;
  • customized refinement of of each book’s cover image;
  • presentation of several pages of each book.

Services Provided

User Experience Design

User Interface

Tilda, Fondy


Google Ads

The solution

WebMate Digital created a new identity and logo reflecting the target audience of the Bookday internet store There is a large community of Ukrainian parents and children living in Germany.

Over 500 Ukrainian children’s books were processed and added to the site. A WebMate Digital designer processed images for each book to enhance the visual perception of the online store. The total number of processed images was about 3,500 units.

The Ukrainian online payment system Fondy was integrated to allow every Ukrainian living in Germany the opportunity to purchase a book.