A German advertising company, AdGoal (owned by Admitad Invest since 2019), develops traffic monetization tools based on the CPA (Cost Per Action) model for webmasters worldwide. AdGoal has connected with over 30,000 advertisers globally. The headquarters of AdGoal is located in Heilbronn.

Having had a positive previous experience working with us, AdGoal approached us with another interesting project. This time, we were tasked with developing a landing page for advertisers, where more information about the main tools of the AdGoal company for webmasters could be obtained. It was important not just to describe these tools, but also to visually demonstrate how they work. Among other significant requirements were:

  • modern and not boring website design
  • a user-friendly site management system
  • availability of the site in both English and German languages.

The challenge

  • development of modern design
  • ensuring correct display of the site on various devices using responsive layout
  • implementation of animations to make the site dynamic
  • use of CMS WordPress
  • inclusion of a multilingual module
  • visualization of AdGoal’s main tools
  • optimization of the website’s loading speed
  • testing for errors and their correction in the layout

Services Provided




Video Editor



The solution

As a result of our work, the AdGoal company received a landing page with a modern design and engaging animations. We meticulously designed every element from scratch, and using a professional video editor, we created videos demonstrating the use of AdGoal’s four main tools. To ensure that the presence of videos on the site did not significantly impact its loading speed, Webmate specialists implemented delayed video loading.

In the end, our client was satisfied with the outcome, which is the highest compliment for us.