Privacy Policy

We have a special focus on confidentiality of your data. Having used the service, you have trusted us and we honor this. We make every effort to keep your personal data safe. We act with a view to the best interests of our clients and do not withhold information concerning your personal data processing.

We have endeavored herein just to reveal in what way we process your personal data. Furthermore, we explain, how you can contact us should you face the questions regarding your personal data.

This Privacy Policy shall cover all forms of information, we collate through any platforms, permitting thereto, or through other channels related therewith (such as for instance, through the use of the e-mail messages, being delivered to our customer support service/ help desk).

We reserve the right to alter the Privacy Policy intermittently. You are recommended to check regularly this webpage to be kept up-to-date alterations. Should such alterations, affecting you personally, be entered thereto (for example, if we have intention to process your personal data for the purposes otherthan those mentioned previously therein), we shall notify you thereof prior to commencing our successor activity.

In case you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, we ask you to refrain from using our services. If you agree to our Privacy Policy, then we shall be willing to work with you.

What personal data shall be collected by

In the event you intend using our services, we shall request to provide certain information: your name, preferred owner’s contacts, payment details and other information. Optionally, you may specify advanced details and feedbacks. Furthermore, we accumulate some details from your computer, phone, i-Pad or other device you use to access our services, such as, IP-address, the type of the browser used and language settings. There are times, when we receive the information of you from third parties or obtain some other information automatically.

What shall collect and use your personal data for?

Most notably, we shall request your personal data to assist you with setting the Order as well as to offer you extra services. We also shall use thereof to contact with you or notify you of new discounts and special offers, as well as about new products or services which may be, to our reckoning, interesting for you. There are some other cases.

In what way shall share your personal data with the third parties?

Third parties, in different way and for various reasons, are provided with the access to the service. The main objective shall be to make provision for high-quality services and get through with the client properly. Your data may be obtained the other parties as well, whom we attract for providing you with services of for example: finance institutions, advertising companies, companies’ subsidiaries, including – affiliated and other persons, affiliated with us, and in some cases the governmental or other competent bodies if required by law. We do not trade with your personal data and do not provide them for temporary use.

How shall your personal data be transferred to other companies being Webmatedigital -affiliated? is a part of Webmate Digital OU. Read the information describing the way of transference of your personal data to the companies, being Webmate Digital OU – affiliated, in the appropriate Section set forth below.

How shall Webmatedigital process messages you send thereto? shall assist you in exchanging the information with us. Information exchange shall be implemented through Further you can find the detailed description of the methods by means of which receives and processes such messages.

How shall use mobile devices?

We release free mobile applications, targeting to collect and process your personal data in much the same way as our site does. Still, the applications allows as well using our service in determining the location. Further there is submitted the detailed description you may get acquainted with.

How shall use the networks?

For providing the service shall use the social networks in different ways. With this objective in view we shall be able to collect some of your personal data of provide thereof to the social networks. Further submitted is the detailed description you may get acquainted with.

What security procedures shall use to protect your personal data?

We shall accomplish comprehensively the appropriate security procedures targeting to prevent an unauthorized accessing or abusing the personal data, being processed by us.

Further submitted is the detailed description you may get acquainted with.

How shall use children personal data?

Unless otherwise specified, the service can be used just the persons aged 16 years. We shall process the information of children only with the consent of the parents or a legal guardian or in such a case when the information to be processed has been submitted by the parents or by legal representatives. Further submitted is the detailed description you may get acquainted with.

How shall you be able to supervise over the personal data, being transferred by

You shall be able any time to exercise the right to get acquainted with what personal data are being kept with us. Personal information review may be obtained through forwarding the proper request to e-mail, specified below. Should you wish to receive more information of your rights in regards to personal data supervision, further submitted is more detailed information you may get acquainted with.

Who shall bear the responsibility for processing the personal data on the website and mobile apps of

The – WebMate Digital OU Company, with its head office in Estonia, Tallinn, shall supervise processing the personal data on the Website thereof. Further submitted is more detailed information you may get acquainted with.

What type of personal data shall collect?

Hereinafter you’ll find the more detailed description of data types that we shall collect.

The personal data you shall provide us. shall collect and use the data you shall provide us. When raising the order using the follow-up form on our website, you shall (at the very minimum) specify your name and e-mail address. Based on the order type we may request you to specify your address, phone number, date of birth, the names of promoters, dealing with you, and any of your preferences (for example, the amount of yearly average turnover or any mobility constrains) pertaining to the order.

We shall collect your data as well in cases when you need to contact our service of customers support or to turn to us through any other communications links (through social networks, for example). We shall collect information, contained within your feedbacks, including the display name and the userpic (if you have it installed).

There are some other cases available as well when you provide the data for us. For example, if you are scrolling through the order options using the mobile device, you give your consent of allowing to determine your current location of to provide accessing your contact information for us – which assists us in providing the highest level of service for you.

You can decide to participate in referral programs or drawings – this is the case when you are to submit your personal data as well. In addition thereto, you shall be able to forward us your feedbacks of our website and share your opinions and apply for assistance in using our services on

The other persons’ data you shall provide us.

Needless to say it may happen that you place the order not for yourself. Probably, you place the order in favor of another person whose data you submit for placing the order, or you place the order on behalf of someone else. In some cases you may use for sharing the information with other users. It can happen through transferring the order pages address or by participating in referral programs, yet such data can be used only as described in the interface offered. You can read the details therein if you wish to learn more.

Therewith you are to be sure that a person or the persons, whose personal data were submitted by you, are conversant thereof, understand and agree with the methods of using their data by (as specified in this Privacy Policy) forasmuch as it is the sphere of your responsibility.

The personal data collected automatically.

Even in case you haven’t placed the order (or have placed thereof), when using our websites or apps we shall collect the certain data automatically. This shall be applicable to your IP-address, date and time when you used our services, to the information of hardware and software, as well as of the Internet-browser you use, and what is more, the information of the operating system installed on your computer, for instance, the version of the application and language preferences. Furthermore, we shall collect the information of clicks and pages which were displayed for you.

Should you use the mobile device, we also shall receive the data which identify your mobile device, as well as the device settings and the characteristics thereof, apps soft failures and the other system operations. When placing the order by you, our system shall fix from which sites you have surfed onto our website and/or on the applications.

The personal data obtained from the other sources.

Apart from the information being transferred by you personally to us, we shall be able to obtain the information of you from the other sources. The last shall include the business-partners, for example, the partners – affiliates, subsidiary enterprises of the companies being a part of the, and the other persons affiliated with us, as well as the other independent third parties. The entire data, being received therefrom, may be consolidated with the information provided by you.

What for shall collect and use your personal data?

We shall use the information collected about you in different purposes. Your personal data can be used by doing one of the following:

А. Site purchase order: the first thing, we shall use your personal data in registering and processing of your order that shall be the important element of the services we provide. This shall include uploading the messages for you about the order status, including confirming or altering thereof, as well as the reminders associated therewith.

Customer helpdesk: our office shall ensure the customers support from 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. in business days. Holding some relevant data about you, for instance, the information of the order or about your account, we shall render assistance to you on working with us, our products and shall consider the other issues associated therewith.
С. Marketing: We shall use the information of your profile for marketing purposes, for instance:

For periodic mailing of the news about products and services. You shall be able to unsubscribe from mailing list by e-mail quickly and at any time – just click on the share link “unsubscribe”, if available. On the website, on mobile apps or on the third – party websites (social networks including) you can see individual applications created based on the information submitted by you, in these conditions, the website content being displayed for you can be individualized as well. Should you participate in some promotional activities (for example, drawings, programs such as “Invite a friend” or contest games), the relevant information will be used for these activities control.

Intercommunication: we shall be able to contact you with the other matters via mail, e-mail, phone and messages, depending on the type of the contact information you shared with us. We shall also process all inquiries you send to our address. There may be different reasons for this, for example:
If you use our services, we may forward you the questioner or ask you to submit your review regarding We shall also forward you the other information relevant to your orders, for example, instructing you how you may contact, the information, which, at our view, may be informative. G. Market research: sometimes we shall ask our users to take part in the market research. If you receive the invitation to participate in such research, please, study the corresponding information in order to realize which of your personal data can collected and how they can be used in future.

Service improvement: we shall also use the personal data for analytical purposes. This portion of our activity on improving the services offered to our users. The data can be also used for the purposes of testing for eliminating the problems and for improving functionality and quality of our services in digital sphere. We do our best in using for analytical purposes just the de-identified data.
I. Calls tracking: If you call to the help desk, we shall use the automatic number identification system to recognize your phone number – this will be helpful as for you so for us in saving time. Nevertheless, the employees of our help desk can request you as well to provide some more information for authentication which will help to preserve the privacy of your order. Conversations with our help desk staff can be monitored in real time or recorded in order to control the quality of servicing and in further training, including the use of records in reviewing claims and to prevent fraudulent activities. Not all conversations are recorded, and the records are kept within the limited time period and deleted automatically, if considers being not necessary to keep them for a longer period (by reasonable necessity), for investigating the cases of fraud and for legal purposes including.

Providing the reliable service: To create the safe and secure environment for you, the business–partners, we shall use the personal data to identify and avoid the fraudulent actions and other illegal or undesirable actions. We shall also use the personal data in evaluation of risks and ensuring the security including the identification of users.
Juridical purposes: In some cases we shall be able to use your data in processing and settling the legal disputes, for investigation upon demand of the government bodies and in observing legal and regulatory norms, as well as to ensure compliance with the conditions upon which renders services and processes law enforcement requests.
Your personal data shall be submitted to on a voluntary basis. However, depending on the types of services in some cases we shall be able to provide you the service just upon collecting the certain personal data. For instance, we shall fail to process your order until we receive the information of your name and contact details.

In the event of using the automatic means for personal data processing which may cause whatsoever legal implications or which exert substantial impact on you, we shall undertake all necessary actions to protect your rights and liberties, including the rights of operator’s interference in data processing.

In processing the aforesaid information we shall base on the following legal fundamentals:
To meet the objectives, specified in Para. A and B, shall rely upon the legitimate grounds stating that usage of your personal data shall be required to execute the agreement, and particularly, to complete your order and managing thereunder. With the required personal data having failed to be submitted, shall not be feasible to finalize your order or provide the support for you. Having taken into account the objectives specified in Para. С – G, shall rely upon the implementation of its legal interests as regards maintaining the commercial activities for services delivery, avoiding the fraudulent activities and improving the services. When using the personal data in the legitimate interests of or other third parties, for your rights and legitimate interests shall prevail over the rights and interests of its own or over the third parties ones. If in accordance with applicable law the need arises, shall obtain your consent beforehand of using your personal data for the objectives of direct marketing.

If you desire to object to using your data in the objectives, specified in Para. C – G, and at the same time the direct refusal of data processing is not accessible for you (for example, in the settings of your account), this is the case, if applicable, you shall be able to contact us using

How shall transfer your personal data to third parties?

In particular circumstances we shall transfer personal data to the third parties, as follows.

Your local office: with a view to supporting the users of services your data can be transferred to the subsidiaries, belonging to the group of the Webmatedigital companies, acting as services providers for, particularly in the matters of users support. Third -party organizations acting as the providers of services: we shall explore services providers, being not included into the group, for backing the These providers shall render the support services, wherein included are: Clients support; Market research; Products and services development; Detection and prevention of fraud cases, including the services in screening for fraudulent; Marketing services. We shall share the personal data with partners in advertising, among other things, your e-mail address, within marketing services provided by through the third parties (in order to ensure that relevant advertising messages are distributed to the relevant audience). We strive to impart information of online addresses exclusively in an encrypted form, in order that your e-mail address could be reconciled with the current client base and your e-mail address could not be appropriated to other purposes.

All services providers are obliged to take adequate measures for the protection of your personal data.

Competent authorities: We shall transfer personal data to the law enforcement authorities to whatever extent that is required under the law or it is strictly necessary either to avoid, detect or suppress criminal acts and fraud, or otherwise we are legally bound to convey thereof. Furthermore, we might need to transfer personal data to the competent authorities when it is required to protect our rights or property as well as our business partners’ rights or property. Business partners: We are dealing with numerous business partners all over the world. Those business partners disseminate or advertise the services.

Personal data transfer, specified herein, may include transferring the personal data in such countries wherein the legislation on personal data protection has not been so developed and extensive, as the legislation in the European Union countries. In cases, established by the EU legislation, we shall be obliged to transfer personal data to those recipients only who would provide the appropriate level of protection. Under such circumstances (if applicable), we shall conclude specific agreements to ensure the protection of our personal data in compliance with European standards. If you need the copy of such agreements, you may request thereof having addressed the contacts specified below.

How your personal data shall be transferred to other companies as the parts of WebMate Digital OU. is the part of WebMate Digital OU.
We shall be able to receive your personal data from other companies being the parts of WebMate Digital OU or to share your data therewith for the purposes as follows:

А. Providing the services;

В. Rendering the client support;

С. Detecting, preventing and investigating the cases of fraudulent or other illegal actions, as well as data breach;

Analytics and improvement of products;
Е. Providing the personalized offers for you or sending the marketing materials upon your consent or in other cases legally authorized;

Compliance with applicable laws.
Unless otherwise defined herein, for objectives А–Е shall come from its legitimate interest to share personal data and receive thereof. For objective F shall rely, wherever applicable, upon observance of legal requirements (for example, when receiving the requests from law-enforcement authorities).

How shall use the mobile devices?

We shall offer free apps for various mobile devices, as well as the special options of our website, having been optimized for browsing on phones and iPads. These apps and mobile websites process the personal data submitted by you practically the same way as our site does. They shall allow you using the function of geo-positioning, so you can find the services close to you (if you wish). With your consent we shall be able to send push-notifications to you containing the information of your order. You may provide us with accessing the data of your location and contact details for the purposes of providing the services you requested. While loading up images from your mobile device the information of your location can be transferred as well. Get acquainted with Operation Instructions of your mobile device in order to alter the settings, to allow transferring the aforesaid data or sending push-notifications.

To optimize our services and marketing materials we shall use so called tracking the users’ actions on different devices. Such tracking may be performed as using the cookie-files so without thereof. By means of tracking the actions on different devices the Company shall be able to monitor users’ transactions on several devices. Amongst other things, the Company shall be able to combine data, collected from a particular browser or from mobile device with the data obtained from other computer or device, being linked to the computer or device wherefrom the data were received.

To optimize the newsletter content, the Company shall combine the search queries which you accomplished from different computers or devices. You may any time unsubscribe from the newsletter.

The content of personalized advertising announcements which you can see displayed on other websites or in apps can be also based on actions which are accomplished on the interlinked computers or devices. Having altered the settings of cookie-files usage on your device, you can change the settings of tracking your sessions on different devices for advertising purposes. In so doing if you are just leaving your account, this does not mean that you will no longer receive the personalized advertising.

How shall use social networks?

The Company shall use social networks in many ways. Through them we shall promote our services, advertise products and services, improve our own services. You may not use these services in the social networks.

Social networks plug-ins. We have embedded the plug-ins for social networks into the website and apps. When you click on one of buttons (as, for example, a Facebook «Like»), the certain information shall be transmitted to the social network provider. If this moment you are in the social network account, the provider shall be able to reconcile these actions with your account and display thereof in your profile for other users. Other services of social networks. We shall be able to implement other services of the social networks (messengers, for instance) to interact with or your contacts regarding the matters, our services-associated. We shall be able to conduct our accounts and offer the applications in the social networks. When being linked to the provider of the social network may allow you to share the information with Should you wish to accomplish that, most likely, the provider might notify you of which information is going to be transferred. For instance, when entering the account through the social network account, certain information (with your consent) can be transferred into This may include the email, your age or profile photo from your account.

Should you get registered in the social network application or should you connect the social network messenger and you have no the account available, among the information, you can transfer to us, there may be the key information from your profile in the social network (including e-mail, status renewal, and contacts lists) We shall use this information to provide you with the better quality of the requested service. For example, when it is required to forward the message which you wish to send to your contacts or in case you wish to adapt our application or website to your needs. The social network provider shall be able to elaborate further of using and processing your data when you are linking up to through this social network, for example, combining the personal data being received by him, while using the services via the social network, with the information which providers obtain when you use the other on-line platforms linked to your provider of the social network.

How shall protect and keep your personal data?

We shall follow the adequate safety procedures to prevent an unauthorized access to your personal data and unqualified use thereof.

We shall use the relevant corporative systems and procedures aimed to protect and keeping safe the personal data submitted for us. We shall also use the security procedures and apply technical and physical restrictions for using the personal data and getting the access thereto on our servers. The employees granted with peculiar rights have an exclusive access to the personal data while accomplishing their duties.

We shall keep your personal data within such a time period which, as we consider, is necessary, in order that you could use our services, we could provide you our services in observance of the applicable legislation, for settlement of disputes with either parties, as well as for any other purposes allowing us to conduct business activities, including revealing and preventing the fraudulent and other illegal actions. This Privacy Policy shall cover all personal data being kept with us. Should any questions arise with you regarding the particular term of keeping the certain type of your personal data, being processed by us, you can contact us using the contacts specified below.

How shall process the personal data of children?

The services, being offered by, shall not be suited to children under 16 years old. Children under 16 years old shall be allowed using the services, which our Company offers, just with the consent of the parents or a guardian. In limited cases when implementing a services order or in some other exceptional cases, shall be entitled to collect and use the data of children, to be submitted by parents or guardians or with the consent thereof. Should we become aware that the Company processes the information of the children under 16 years old without appropriate consent of the parent or the guardian, we shall reserve our right to remove such information.

How shall you control the personal data, submitted to

We want you to control how we use your personal data. You shall be able to implement thereof using the following methods:

You may request us to overview your personal data being at our disposal; You may either notify us of any alterations in your personal data or request us to correct any details from your personal data being kept with us; In some cases you may request us to delete personal data, to lock or limit processing thereof as well as you may forward the refusal with regard to specific ways of using of your personal data; In certain cases you may contact us so that we would forward your personal data submitted for us to the third parties’ address.

If we use your personal data pursuant to the consent obtained from you, you shall be entitled to recall at any moment such consent in accordance with the applicable law. Moreover, if we process your personal data on the basis of legitimate or public interests you shall be entitled to ban at any time such usage of your personal data in accordance with the applicable law.

We shall rely on you with respect to completeness, accuracy and correctness of the personal data. Please, do not hesitate to contact us any case of any alterations or revealing the inaccuracies in your personal data.

Our website /application shall contain functions, allowing you to append, upgrade or remove information of you being at our disposal.

Should either of your personal data, being kept with us, are inaccessible through the website or application, you shall be able to forward relevant requests free of charge. Should any questions arise in relation to this Privacy Policy or regarding the enjoyment of your rights or at availability of complaints, please, contact us via: . You also may turn to the local data protection supervisory authority.

If you object to processing of your personal data pursuant to legitimate interests and should data processing mechanisms be unavailable directly to you, you can contact us at: .

Who shall be responsible for personal data processing on and how to contact us?

WebMate Digital OU shall implement the control over processing the personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. WebMate Digital OU is a private limited company, registered in accordance with the legislation of Estonia, having the corporate office at the address: Harjumaa, 1015, Tallinn, Estonia.
f you have questions about this Privacy Policy or about the processing of your personal data, please contact our data protection specialist at Regarding the matters of support, please, contact our helpdesk service.

About cookie-files

When you use our online services, including applications, the cookie-files and other tracking technologies can be used differently: for instance, to support the work of the website, traffic analysis or for advertising purposes. Those technologies shall be either used explicitly by us or our business-partners, including the third-party providers of services and advertising platforms, we operate therewith. Should you wish to get to know more about cookie-files, using and potential settings thereof, please, read the following information.

What is a cookie file?

A cookie file is a small piece of information which is transferred to the browser in your computer or mobile device. So called «first-party cookie files» are transferred via the private domain of the organization. The cookie files, belonging to, are first – party files. In case we allow the third-party organizations using the cookie files via websites and apps they are called «third-party cookie files».

There differentiated are the session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist until you close the browser. Persistent cookies are provided with a more durable life cycle, they are not deleted automatically with closing the browser. We endeavour to use or permit using the cookie files having the life cycle not exceeding 5 year. A cookie file can exist within more durable period of time in exceptional cases, for example, for security purposes, and only when it is absolutely necessary.

Besides cookie files, similar tracking technologies shall be used. They may include, for example, web beacons (also known as pixel tags, web-bugs or gif-files), which deal with tracking the URL-addresses or the means of software development (Software Development Kit, SDK). A web beacon is a microscopic image sizing just 1 pixel, which gets into your computer via HTML electronic message. We use theses pixels to get information of your device: for example, device type, operating system, IP-address and time of visiting the site. Web beacons can be also used in delivering and reading of cookie files on your device. Tracking the URL-addresses is required for us to be aware from which site the user gets onto the site or into the application. SDK is a short code, being integrated into the applications and is functioning so as cookie files and web beacons.

All technologies cumulatively, mentioned therein, will be called «cookie files».

How shall the cookie files be used?

Cookie files shall be used for various purposes. Thanks to them, you shall be recognized as one and the same user on different pages of the website, on different websites and when using the application. The information, we are collecting with the help of cookie files, shall include IP-address, device identification number, the browsed pages, the browser type, the data on searching through the browser, an operating system, the Internet provider, click timestamps, whether you have responded the advertising, the appropriate URL-address, functions being used on the page/in the application or the actions undertaken.

Our applications and the website shall use cookie files for various purposes:

Technical cookie files. We endeavour to provide an advanced and convenient website for our users. Therefore we shall use technical cookie files that shall allow us to display our site for you, to ensure smooth function thereof. These technical cookie files are strictly necessary to our site in ensuring the uninterrupted service.

Functional cookie files. We also shall use functional cookie files, in order to store your preferences and assist you in advantageous usage of our website if you use the website to order the services. We also shall be able to use such cookie files to store your information for logging on the system that would get rid of you the trouble to enter the user’s name and a password every time again. In doing so, the passwords will be stored encrypted. These functional cookie files are not strictly required in functioning of the site or the application, but they add functionality to you as for the user, making the site more convenient in use.

Analytical cookie files. We shall use these cookie files to find out how the users of use the website. This shall assist us to realize what is functioning and what is not, as well as to optimize the website and improve its work, to analyze the efficiency of advertisement campaigns and information materials and to be sure that the site is remained interesting and useful for users. We shall collect information such as what pages you have visited, from which pages you have passed to which ones and from which pages you have left the site, about what platform type you used, what e-mail letters you opened and what you have clicked on therein, about the date and time of using the website.

It also implies that we shall be able to use the data of the ways of your interaction with the website, in particular, number of clicks on the page, moving and scrolling with mouse, search words and other text you type into various fields. When implementing the advertising campaigns in the Internet we shall use analytical cookie files to investigate in what way our users are interacting with our website or the application upon having seen an advertisement (on the third-party websites including). We shall also be able to use analytical cookie files so that our partners could get to know whether their clients have benefited from the offers, integrated on their websites.

Commercial cookie files: We shall use as the third-party cookie files so our own ones so that display the advertisements on our website and other platforms. Such practice is called «re-targeting» and is based on actions you perform in the Internet, for example, your searching history, browsing.

What shall you be able to do?

To learn more how to work with cookie files or how to delete thereof, go to and into the Online Help Section of your browser. Using the browser settings (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) you shall be able to choose which of cookie files are to be accepted and which ones should be declined. Settings arrangement shall depend on what browser you use. To find the required settings, use Online Help function in your browser.

Should you decide to give up the certain technical and/or functional cookie files, some of function of our website might have become inaccessible for you. At the present time we are not supporting the Do Not Track function in the browser settings. Should in future be elaborated the general standard defining what exactly is meant under Do Not Track signals in the browser, we would review the present clause on cookie files.

Advertisements. We try to cooperate with those on-line advertising and marketing companies which are the members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Association and /or Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). NAI and IAB members adhere to the industry standards and the Code of Business Practice. NAI and IAB members suggest the total setup for banning the «behavioral» advertisement. Please, visit the website, so that to clarify who of the NAI members has posted the advertising cookie files on your computer.

To refuse of using the programs of «behavioral» advertisement of the companies, being the members of NAI, just click the box of the relevant company. You may also go to or, to learn how to opt out of the personalized advertisement. Your mobile device can make it feasible for you in limiting data transference for the purposes of retargeting through your settings. Please, pay attention to that refusal of receiving the advertisement of a certain provider does not mean that you will no longer receive the on-line advertisement or be not subject to on-line advertising as well as marketing analysis. The refusal implies that the provider, whose promotion has been rejected by you, will never place the advertisements formed on the basis of your web-preferences and specificity of using the site.

Analytics. To control data collection for analytical purposes by the Google Analytics Service out of the certain types of browsers, please, visit the page: Google Analytics Blocker (accessible from the stationary computer only). So that to control data collection for analytical purposes by Yandex.Metrics Service (by tracking pixel, belonging to Russian searching resource Yandex), the users speaking Russian, Ukrainian or Turkish may go to You shall be able to opt out of the Yandex personalized advertisement as well. For doing so, please, visit this page and disable the check box «My Preferences».

Should any questions arise in regard to this clause regarding cookie files, please, forward thereof to . This Clause on cookie files may be altered. So, visit this page regularly to be kept informed of the last updates.